Fairly Traded

Economic & Social Impact of Ethical Sourcing

In the pursuit of organic, premium, AND ethically sourced chocolate,
we found a great partner that was able to deliver on all of our
values without sacrificing our quality standards.


The beans Blissfully Better Chocolate is made from are purchased through the Equal Partner Direct Buying Program. While it is not a third party certification, it is an initiative that pre-dates even the oldest formal fair trade certification. This system of direct trade generates social, economic and environmental benefits for cocoa growers while producing high quality beans for finished chocolate. The direct trade approach ensures a traceable supply of premium quality cocoa beans and maximum benefits for the farmers and their communities. This approach makes us proud on many levels and helps us ensure great chocolate and great treatment for the people who grow the cocoa beans.

 Equal Partner Direct Buying Program is a personal, direct trade approach based on long-term, transparent and mutually beneficial partnerships with the growers themselves. Unlike the common practice of purchasing cocoa on the open market, the direct relationships with the farmers ensures a traceable supply of premium quality cocoa beans at a price that compensates the farmer for the full economic, social and environmental costs of cocoa farming.


Benefits to Cocoa Farmers:

  • Guaranteed market, fair prices and long-term contracts for economic security
  • Better standard of living for farming communities
  • Financial support for effective business development
  • Training to improve crop yields through sustainable means
  • Centralized collection centers and training on proper fermentation and processing techniques to improve quality and cost savings for the farmer
  • Equipment for farmers to improve efficiency
  • Future farmer programs inspiring younger generations to take up cocoa farming

Benefits to Community:

Economic Security
  • Helps farm families and future generations ensure long term financial success. Provides agricultural training, technical consulting, equipment and infrastructure for collecting and processing cocoa.
  • Supports “future farmer” programs to provide opportunities for younger generations interested in cocoa farming. 
Environmental Impact
  • Cocoa beans from our farms in Central America, South America and Africa use environmentally safe practices and support a good quality of life for farm communities.
  • Reduces the consequences of improper chemical use including serious health risks to farmers, contamination of the local environment and trace residues in the finished chocolate.
Social Programs
  • Steady income from the direct trade program, combined with fair trade premiums, empowers communities to invest in social programs such as schools and health clinics.
Sustainable Production
  • Environmental impacts beyond the farm are emphasized to ensure sustainability throughout the supply chain.
  • Natural gas-powered tri-generation production system are used to achieve better environmental results through greenhouse gas emissions and energy use as compared with other fossil fuels.

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