Toffee & Caramel Thins

Produced in small batches in the USA, each confection is handcrafted in copper kettles. We make the 72% dark chocolate for all our products from scratch using 100% organic ingredients, and of course using our signature high nutrient coconut nectar. Toffee Thins and Caramel Thins provide tremendous health benefits from the antioxidant-rich handmade dark chocolate.

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  • AlmondToffee

    Almond Toffee Thins 10 Pack

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  • crunch-quinoa-sized2

    Crunchy Quinoa Toffee Thins 10 Pack

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  • caramel-sized2

    Sea Salt Caramel Thins 10 Pack

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  • variety10pack

    Variety 10 Pack

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  • variety4pack

    Variety 4 Pack

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