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Welcome to The Griffin Report’s 13th Annual Showcase of Women of Influence in the Food Industry.

The honorees represent companies coast to coast and have various backgrounds and experience. The categories include manufacturers, brokers, distributors, retailers, chefs, convenience stores, organizations/associations and restaurants.

These women trendsetters are qualified for inclusion in this prestigious listing because of their leadership, skills and dedication. All these women are an inspiration to others — and are all making a difference in the food industry today.

This year’s honorees were chosen for their highly visible contributions to our industry, their professionalism and the awareness they have generated for the potential of women in our business. These women play a significant role in their companies through their leadership, expertise and dedication, and beyond their companies through their charity, philanthropy and civic work. These women are all passionate about their families, companies, customers and communities.

The Griffin Report will continue to recognize women who make a difference.

We hope you enjoy this feature again this year!

Kevin Griffin


The Griffin Report of the Northeast

A Shelby Publishing Co. publication

Bonnie Boroian: Blissfully Better

Years with company:Three

Current position: Founder and CEO


I went to Indiana University Bloomington for as a ballet major, then left to pursue Broadway. After a career as a professional dancer, I went to The Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale for baking and pastry arts to learn more about food and more specifically, sugar, as well as its effects on our bodies. I am also a Certified Alliance Teacher in the Barkan Method of hot yoga.

Professional and volunteer affiliations:

I currently serve as a membership chair for the Angel Moms Leadership Board at Place of Hope at the David and Leighlan Rinker Campus, a 4-star rated charity with Charity Navigator that provides homes for foster children, at-risk youth and young adults who would be otherwise homeless. Other volunteer affiliations include being an Angel Mom at the Place of Hope at the Leighan and David Rinker Campus and as a volunteer for Boca Helping Hands.

Do you have a defining moment of your career?

One of the moments that defined my career was when I saw the great joy Blissfully Better had brought on a young man’s face because he had not been able to eat sweets for years due to diabetes. I launched this company to give consumers an alternative to white sugar that won’t harm their bodies. To have something that has clean ingredients and doesn’t compromise on taste should be available to anyone of any diet.

What is the most challenging part of your job?

A challenge for me has been balancing business travel with family life. It can be difficult being away from my family and also being fully committed to my business. I wear both hats proudly and happily.

How has social media helped or hindered your job?

Social media hasn’t been a hindrance at all! It can serve as a great educational tool especially when you have a great story to tell. It allows the opportunity to provide terrific imagery and information for people out there who are looking for what you have to offer.

Do you have any advice for upcoming professionals?

What you can bring to the marketplace through your power of education, passions and talent is important to remember when starting out. I believe your intentions are what should drive you and what you should continually commit yourself to. When you have a clear intention, you don’t move away or lose focus of what you want to create for yourself. That’s something that has always been important to me.


A favorite hobby of mine is hot yoga. Another hobby I enjoy is cooking for my family and being with my family as much as possible. Being in nature also really feeds me and keeps me balanced. I’m lucky to live in an area that offers beautiful places to visit outdoors. It allows me to appreciate the beauty of the world and, like hot yoga, can offer a sense of serenity and peace.

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